Python package

LetsDNS can be installed using the Python Package Index.

# System-wide installation.
sudo pip install letsdns

# Alternative: Install for the current user only.
# pip install --user letsdns

Alternative: Virtual environment

You can use LetsDNS in an isolated virtual environment, even as a non-root user. I provide an install script to create such an environment from scratch. The following commands show how to invoke the script in a BASH compatible shell.

# Download install script using wget, cURL, or similar.

# Optional: Verify that the downloaded script does not
# do anything nasty, using Mark I Eyeball checks.

# Mark the downloaded script as executable.
chmod 0700

# Execute script, providing a destination directory of your liking.
./ /var/lib/letsdns

Before launching LetsDNS for the first time, you need to create a configuration file. See the next documentation section for details.